domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

English homework 3/11/14

3-11-14  1) Repeat voc words list 10, three times, illustrate them, write a sentence with wach voc word.   2) Make your own sock puppet and bring it next Friday 7.  (Student's book, exercise 2, page 41).
4-11-14  Answer the questions. (grammar note book)
5-11-14  Study verb list 4, tomorrow verbs exam, practice sentences in present tense and past tense.
6-11-14  1) Write a description of yourself  (I'm a tall girl/boy. . .   I have small eyes, long hair. . .
2) Study voc list 10, tomorrow dictation. Practice sentences with the difficult voc words for you.
7-11-14 No homework!  Have fun!

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